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Hosting is an essential component of your web solution as it stores your website, its database and provides the bandwidth for your customers. Not all hosts are created equal and some are outright unsuitable due to limitations. If you have a hosting account we will require the password for access. Usually we build your site on our development servers and can then move it to a production server.


Server Location

You should pick a server location based on where you expect most of your traffic to come from. If most of your customers are American or international then a USA server is best. If you primarily serve the Australian market then you are better to use a server in that location to minimise lag times. USA based servers are usually significantly cheaper. Tell us where your target market is.

Choices: USA, Europe or Australia



We use and recommend fully managed servers. The servers themselves are managed and updated but your website may still be exposed to security risks over time unless the applications are regularly patched and updated. A maintenance contract Hosting Options is an essential component offering a higher level peace of mind by reducing risk of a hack attack. Websites are constantly being scoured and exploited so a vigilant and managed maintenance plan is recommended.

If you are happy for our team to look after everything for you this may reduce your hosting cost if we use a shared cPanel that we manage. Alternatively if you require your own cPanel access this will increase your cost a little. We can usually move a site for you if required but budget a couple of hours work.

Choices: Fully Managed No Access. Fully Managed with Access and private cPanel



If you’re running an eCommerce online store or you prefer the extra security and prestige of hosting your site on an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protected server then you will need a dedicated IP address and some other server modifications. Note that Google now considers SSL a ranking factor so this is an important competitive strategy to consider. SSL servers are relatively more expensive than non SSL servers so budget  accordingly.

Hosting Options