Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (including Pricing and Billing Policy) aka Terms of Service

All purchases and services are subject to these terms and conditions on the current webpage and or invoice and may be amended or updated at any time with outstanding amounts or accounts subject to current terms as of date of current or last (most recent) invoice.

Goods and website components remain property of Broadbiz.com Pty Ltd (T/A HotDot Web Services) until all outstanding and due funds (including all recovery, late fees and costs if relevant) are paid.

Why do we sell extensible packages with hours and optional components?

Simply because it’s fair and it provides the broadest scope of options and capabilities to meet your needs. ‘Cookie Cutter’ sites from companies that sell fixed packages are going to try and fit you in to their limited product instead of provide a highly customised solution to fit your specific needs – how it should be. We provide a team of highly skilled experts (most with Computer Science degrees with some including honours at the highest level) at very reasonable rates and allow you to be as flexible as you wish or require. You focus on what you do best and leave your website and digital marketing to the experts. Billing is time and component based. If it takes time it’s logged, just like other time based billing services. If we talk to you or respond to, or contact you for any reason in relation to your project the time is logged. There is merit in keeping correspondence as clear and concise as possible. Prices exclude GST for Australian customers. GST will be added.

Overdue or late invoices accrue a $20 per month fee automatically. Amounts overdue after 30 days accrue additional costs of 19% per annum interest calculated as required based on the total account outstanding including the overdue period and is added to your account or outstanding amount by an account administrator at any time with the full amount determined on final settlement date. An additional $50 administration fee may be added each month where administration time has been expended for calculations or entries as required. Manual invoices where required incur a $30 administration and production fee.

Additional costs such as images and plugins etc. will be deducted from any hourly credit and invoiced if required. See Pricing Components for a list of most components required to build, host and manage a modern website. These additional invoices are due on request irrespective of the terms of your optional payment plan (if applicable) paying off other services. Commercial plugins or other components sourced will be charged at the rate of cost plus 20 to 33% margin (for in-project accounts in good standing) or 33 to 50% (for out-of-project or overdue accounts) and converted at our current exchange rate if applicable. Images, plugins and component costs may not be credited against bonus hours (from package deals) and will be charged and invoiced accordingly.

Note that senior management will monitor and assist with your valuable projects and account for their time at an appropriate hourly rate of between $40 to $80 per hour (in project rates) or $100 to $150 (out of project rates). This ‘management time’ usually averages to be around ten percent of a given project but may vary. Regular staff time is accounted for at the purchased rate. These rates account for the exceptional level of senior project management, skills, knowledge, experience and capabilities that form an essential component of the high quality of the solution proffered. Any outstanding balance may be invoiced at any time and be due payable within seven days. If a number of additional hours are forecast for project completion you may be asked to purchase the forecasted hours in advance. Work on your project may cease until your account has a credit amount. All orders are subject to our current Terms and Conditions.

Ownership of the website and its components remains with HotDot Web Services until all invoices and accounts are paid in full. All costs of debt recovery, including agents and or agency fees, legal fees, late fees and interest charges shall be paid by the client and may be added to your project costs at any time. Sites and or services may be halted on accounts (direct or related) with overdue or outstanding payments for any Broadbiz.com Pty Ltd affiliated or related entity and a notice may be published reflecting such. If you have been granted the privilege of credit in good faith, it’s imperative you pay your accounts on time. Accounts not paid on time undermine our ‘good faith’ relationship. Any project bonus credit (credit hours – including in product bundles or packages) are always discretionary and provided to customers in good standing. Any bonus credit granted may be rescinded at any time on accounts that are overdue.

Please always pay your accounts on time and when due to maintain your good faith and good standing relationship and most importantly avoid any late, overdue or recovery fees and costs. Overdue accounts are retrospectively billed at out-of-project and higher margin rates.

Any concerns or requests should always be addressed promptly and in writing. Any late payments will forfeit all Post-Paid privileges and result in all future work requiring pre-paid hours. A Domain Name and Managed Hosting with Maintenance are required and may be billed separately. Excess credit funds may be allocated to other services such as design or allocated to another project after all work has been completed and upcoming billings accounted for or will be refunded on request less a $55 administration fee to cover verification and processing. Any free credit amounts previously attributed (including bundles or packages) must of course be deducted.

HotDot Web Services is indemnified against claim of costs for all services including, delays, loss of profits, malfunctions, mistakes, faults, managed marketing campaigns for Facebook, Google and any other platform including errors and omissions made by our representatives or staff acting as agents for services proffered. It is your (the clients) responsibility to check websites, services, functionality, content, and where appropriate marketing campaigns and manage relevant budgets. Services rendered are on an indemnified agent basis with all legal and financial responsibility resting with you the client under all circumstances.

Procedures: HotDot Web Services has established procedures to ensure the best possible results. It’s imperative you respect our procedures and allow us to perform all necessary stages for project hand-off. Our staff will generally do what you direct them to do so please give careful consideration to your directions and undertake appropriate consultation where appropriate as inappropriate directions, even well intentioned, may result in additional time and ‘fixes’. Full site testing including customer user experience is essential and a substantial part on the project. It’s imperative you allow us to perform these tasks and do not ‘short change’ the project. Building web site projects are ‘as long as a piece of string’. They vary greatly in length with said length often being very difficult to determine upfront.

HotDot makes no commitment to the overall scope and cost of a project at any time as these are often dynamic and growing with customers often adding or changing functionality requests throughout. The best way to know in advance the approximate nature of a project is to write a formal SRS (System Requirements Specification) and while our Senior Management has many years experience in preparing and writing these documents (at ISO certification level) it’s important to note that this exercise is in itself time consuming, and therefore costly, as it requires a great deal of planning including design of all inputs, outputs, process flow, variables, database, CMS, eCommerce, plugins, CSS, customisations, system and service integrations, GUI & UI, user experience, presentation, menus, logos, images, etc.

If you’re an expert at doing all these yourself and have the time to do it then you likely don’t really need our services. The best method is to provide us as detailed a specification as you can and purchase an appropriate package and be prepared to pay additional costs if and as required. At the end of the day it takes what it takes and most projects have an organic element of growth that will be controlled by both your requests and the required adherence to all of our procedures, components, deliverables and testing.

Disclaimer: Hotdot works on a best intentions and best endeavours basis. Taking these substantial responsibilities on at such competitive rates is a representation of our outstanding value proposition and how much we value you – our customer. Please note all services fall within our Terms of Service and Rules-of-Engagement policies. We make no guarantees on performing any work, updates or upgrades at any time. All work is at our discretion. You, as the client have important additional responsibilities including but not limited to – communicating your requirements clearly, responding to our communications promptly in any form, notifying us in advance of intentions to cancel any services, be courteous, polite and reasonable. This is a co-operative working, symbiotic, relationship. Any work will be scheduled on our terms at times that suit us. Please respect our work loads and commitments.

A polite reminder of how you should view the Hotdot Team. We are your outsourced staff. We are the experts that allow you to focus on your core skills and expertise. We are never liable for any costs or damages under any circumstances even if we make mistakes. If you’re an employer you know people make mistakes, and while unfortunate, these are facts of life and costs of doing business. We do not guarantee to not make mistakes and we do not refund work done as the time has been spent and obviously cannot be recovered. Be sure to review our Terms of Service and Rules-of-Engagement as any commercial work or services relationship with us is always subject to these polices irrevocably and if they do not meet your requirements we respectfully suggest we may not be the team for you.

Having got the necessary disclaimer out of the way we invite you to work with us and find out first-hand our remarkable capabilities, systems, reporting, efficiencies, results and value! You’ll be very hard pressed to find more capable, caring, knowledgeable, responsible, effective people at a better commercial investment. Placement of any order acknowledges full acceptance of these Terms of Service.

The HotDot Web Services Team