Membership and Affiliate Site

A Membership Site allows you to monetize all or portions of your valuable content and build an on-going passive income. With a membership site you can accept payments and control access to your content. You can automatically track membership subscriptions via an API integration with your payment processor to automatically allow or revoke access to posts, pages, categories, communities and products based on subscription levels your users have purchased or subscribed to.  If a member stops paying their subscription they lose access to your membership area or portions of the site. You can have a combination of free and paid areas.

Some of the payment processors supported:

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An Affiliate Site allows you to recruit a sales force army of affiliates anywhere in the world and earn money while you sleep. Create a compelling offer with a quality product and offer fair and reasonable commissions to your prospective joint venture partners and leverage off their lists and network of connections as they make sales for you again and again. Don’t forget to build your own list with a ‘Lead Magnet’ and ‘Squeeze Page’ integrated with your Email Marketing application such as iMailSend. To learn more about the power of Internet Marketing go to and join the free newsletter or better yet get with the program and get a paid subscription and get in the game with your affiliate account.  Also be sure to look out for the ‘Internet Marketing Manifesto’ to help you learn the essential basics on your road to prosperity.

HotDot Web Services are the Membership Site and Affiliate Site experts and can help you get up and running with your profitable online dream business and far less time and expense than trying to work it all out for yourself and potentially making lots of mistakes wasting time and money.

You can incorporate both Membership and Affiliate capabilities in your website if you wish.

Affpro logoOur Membership and Affiliate site setup and integration services include a free copy of our Membership Site WordPress plugin and an integration plugin with if you would like to use their low cost comprehensive and powerful Affiliate Merchant system supporting Multi-Level commissions up to eight levels deep across multiple sites and products. Visit to find out more.

Membership Site Setup $350 includes up to ten hours of services.

Includes free Membership plugin value $99.

Affiliate Site Setup $350 includes up to ten hours of services.

Includes free AffPro integration plugin value $99.

We only provide post-paid additional hours for Membership and Affiliate Site work if you purchased a website from us and your account is in good standing. There is no commitment or guarantee everything required will be accommodated in the ‘up to included’ ten hours. If additional work is required after your credit is used up you should purchase an additional relevant block of ten hours. Any unused credit after completion for additional blocks of ten hours (excluding the first block) may be refunded on request less an administration fee as per our Pricing and Billing Policy.

Note you need an existing and suitably compliant website or we can supply one. Our skilled programmers and technicians will assist with other membership or affiliate sites on request on a best endeavours basis.

Membership and Affiliate Services