Logo and Theme

logosBranding is a core essential marketing component and we love creating hot brands. Do you love your logo or is it time for an update?

A great logo is a very small investment that can build a business and survive the decades or even centuries if you think big. It doesn’t hurt to think big since you’re already thinking anyway. Get a great logo you love!

The theme controls the look and aesthetics of your site and to a degree the functionality. Picking the right theme or look is not only crucial it can actually be a little difficult. It’s imperative you select your theme from a large, well-resourced commercial theme development house that will provide a high level of ongoing support. Don’t forget what ever ‘engine’ you choose it will constantly be updated with security and functionality updates over time. So will all of your plugins. Your theme requires constant maintenance too. We have commercial working relationships with the best theme development houses in the world and can help you pick something relevant and awesome.

Budget $90 (with us) to $350 (someone else) for a logo and $40 to $190 for a beautiful theme.


Logo and Theme Services