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Fully managed Hosting at a Level Beyond.

We offer Super-Duper extra-managed Hosting for the utmost confidence and reliability. Read more to find out why Hotdot Hosting is the MVP of hosting with our Massive Value Proposition. Up to $960 value (per annum) of essential management, site update and security services provided free to our hosting customers only. The quick short summary is if you host with us we help secure your sites with some essential technical ongoing services and apply free credit to help you feel extra secure and reduce and manage costs. More details below.


Watch out – bad people are out to get you!

If you’ve had any experience to date with websites and hosting, you already know it’s essential to keep your sites up to date to avoid the ongoing risk due to the constant barrage of criminals proactively trying to exploit your site. Yes. If you have a website it is being attacked – relentlessly. Unfortunately, every once in a while these undesirables, who employ automated software robots that never sleep, find someone who hasn’t managed to stay on top of their core system updates and patches as well as the required security updates and patches, or all the plugins and customisations involved.

Keeping your valuable website secure is a big job and most hosting companies do not undertake any proactive steps or work to protect your investment. You’ll usually just get an email saying “Dear Customer, we’ve had to suspend your hosting account as an application has been compromised. Please let us know when you’ve fixed the issue so we can reinstate your account.” It happens to all of us sooner or later. Your site is offline. You’re losing business. You can’t send or receive emails and when you can again you need to update every single password to ensure the bad guys aren’t reading yours and all your staffs emails revealing your confidential and commercially sensitive information. Or worse yet surreptitious code has been injected revealing your accounts and passwords or maybe even the credit card details of all your customers without you even knowing. It’s happening all the time. Everyday.


What we do to be your MVP

Included in your hosting plan is up to one hour of free maintenance support every month. Depending on your package or plan this usually ranges in value from $35 to $80 in value. Usually between two to four times per year our staff will:
1. Upgrade your core CMS or eCommerce system.
2. Check for and install any relevant security patches.
3. Run a proactive site scan to identify risks and exposure.
4. Update plugins which are constantly updated and represent substantial risk for exploit.
5. Document and repair your site customisations that may be broken.
6. Fix and repair special Theme, CSS and other customisations and updates on your site.

Hotdot has a meticulous and powerful internal documentation system where we carefully log references to all site specific features and customisations that allow us to perform updates with minimised risk and downtime. Unfortunately, some updates can break system features and components depending on the level of sophistication and customisation of your site. Rest easy and leave it to the experts. Our team of computer scientists (yes really) do this stuff day in and day out. We are the experts.

So if the cost of our hosting seemed a little higher than some of the other services you’ve looked at, now you know why. We actually offer massive value and peace of mind at a very low and reasonable price.


Logs and Credits

Ideally you’ll have a project account with us and if so you will see the work actioned and logged when performed. This will create a debit on the account which will be followed up usually in the same day or within 24 hours with a corresponding credit so you do not have to pay for this work. If you do not have a ‘Project Account’ please ask for one to be set up so your work and credits may be logged accordingly.

Note that hours are not cumulative. Additionally, the work may take longer than the given monthly free hour and you may be charged for any additional work overage. After all you recognise the value in having the experts support and protect your valuable investment and appreciate the merits of fair and reasonable compensation in business and service.

As a rule of thumb we will try to do at least one to two (or more) major updates and upgrades per year based on ‘real world’ requirements. Smaller tasks may be attended to on a discretionary basis.

We may, at our discretion, provide some customers with accounts in good standing and immaculate payment records cumulative credit hours (up to a maximum of three) in any given quarter.


Notes and Disclaimer

Hotdot works on a best intentions and best endeavours basis. Taking this responsibility on for such a low price is a representation of how much we value you – our customer. Please note all services fall within our Terms of Service and Rules-of-Engagement policies. We make no guarantees on performing any updates or upgrades at any time. All work is at our discretion. You are welcome to ask, remind or suggest to us any updates you have become aware of and are encouraged to do so. This is a co-operative working, symbiotic, relationship. Any work will be scheduled on our terms at times that suit us.

A polite reminder of how you should view the Hotdot Team. We are your outsourced staff. We are the experts that allow you to focus on your core skills and expertise. We are never liable for any costs or damages under any circumstances even if we make mistakes. If you’re an employer you know people make mistakes, and while unfortunate, these are facts of life and costs of doing business. We do not guarantee to not make mistakes and we do not refund work done as the time has been spent and obviously cannot be recovered. Be sure to review our Terms of Service and Rules-of-Engagement as any commercial work or services relationship with us is always subject to these polices irrevocably and if they do not meet your requirements we respectfully suggest we may not be the team for you.

Having got the necessary disclaimer out of the way I invite you to work with us and find out first-hand our remarkable capabilities, systems, reporting, efficiencies, results and value! You’ll be very hard pressed to find more capable, caring, knowledgeable, responsible, effective people at a better commercial investment.


Welcome to Hotdot Hosting and Hotdot Web Services

We welcome you, our valued customer, to the Hotdot realm of superior internet and marketing solutions where we always strive to be your MVP.

So for a tiny insignificant cost we hope you now realise the Massive Value Proposition you can only get at Hotdot to protect your website, your business and your investment in the exciting digital marketing age. Hotdot Web Services your Most Valuable (Team) Player.


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