About HotDot Web Services

Your all-in-one Digital Marketing Agency! Anything Internet.

Here at HotDot Web Services we specialise in producing beautiful, results oriented, highly functional websites and online eCommerce stores. We want you to look good and feel good. Our mission is to help you be awesome.

We offer essential auxiliary services such as Email Marketing and Auto-Responder integration for low cost, high ROI marketing and Traffic Generation strategies including long term SEO and short term PPC as well as Social Media Management and integration.

We have a highly advanced Project Management logging and tracking system that tells you exactly what was done for you at what times and automatically updates you via a detailed email report on any given day ensuring you are always informed and we are always accountable.

Additionally we can design and build subscription and membership sites, custom application portals, and even your own Multi-Level Affiliate Network allowing you to build an army of sales partners and reward them for selling your goods.

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Our Philosophy

To provide highly functional and beautifully presented websites and eCommerce stores to our customers. We specifically leverage widely adopted Open Source platforms and that gives as and you a number of advantages. Ten of thousands of people are supporting these platforms and millions of man hours have gone in to improving them over time.

email-marketing-measurementsProprietary platforms and one man bands are a significantly unappealing endeavour. We got to have a ‘told you so’ moment when one of our clients (who we warned) recently migrated all of his sites to us and our technologies after their ‘one man band’ service provider stopped supporting their in-house proprietary platform that no one else could support. That client lost many  thousands of dollars making that mistake. Don’t get yourself in a position and let that happen to you.

We are committed to providing the highest echelon of superb and comprehensive Digital Marketing services at the lowest possible costs ensuring you have a reliable and long term partner you can count on.

Why you need a team of experts

Modern Digital Marketing is a combined effort involving a dedicated expert team and a winning combination of best of breed services. There is much more involved than just building a website. You need Graphic Design and Logos. Sound, long term SEO strategies managed by experienced experts and PPC Management for short term results. We can either integrate your site with your Social Media Pages or manage them for you.

business peopleAll of our staff are exemplary in their fields and have computer science degrees. Some with honours in the top percentile. We can quickly make modifications, write and customise code and solve the problems that bring you the real world solutions you need. Be careful not to make the ultimately expensive mistake of thinking you are saving a few dollars by going with someone with limited resources or a mediocre team that will cost you in the long run. Our team is exemplary. We only hire outstanding people who pass and last the grade. No chimps or chumps. Our customers love working with us and love our work. You will too.

Why you need our tracking systems

trackingWe have invested in top of the line Project Management logging and tracking systems that logs all details of your project requirements, tools, components and plugins utilised. We automatically send you email report updates on activity logged against your project on any given day to keep you informed and us accountable. You know what is being done and when it’s being done. We can even produce formal SRS (System Requirements Specification) documents for you if your project warrants it.

Why you need ancillary services

The World Wide Web is full of dormant dying websites. You can’t just build it and hope they’ll come. You must employ Traffic Strategies including Content Marketing, SEO, PPC, Social Media and possibly another of our specialties – Affiliate Marketing to bring an armada of sales.

email-marketing-measurementsEmail Marketing is incredibly powerful and absolutely the highest returning marketing investment you can make often returning 4,000 to 10,000%+ ROI. We not only wrote the book and a course on List Building and Email Marketing we can look after your integrations, Lead Magnets and Squeeze Pages for you and connect them directly to our partner email marketing platform iMailSend (or any other you care to use) allowing you to focus on your key areas of expertise without having to learn and manage new technologies. We do the necessary and essential tasks for you that bring results.

Don’t forget Analytics. So many companies build websites without any analytical integration whatsoever. Don’t let this happen to you. You’ll never know how you’re performing if you don’t setup and measure your site’s engagement.

Why we sell flexible comprehensive packages

Many of our competitors try to fit you into their products. Buy this package and you get x pages they say. But people and websites come in all shapes and sizes far more diverse than just small, medium or large. We offer a hybrid package that gives you the advantage of getting started in a fair and economical way that still allows the flexibility of upgrades and changes and allows you to take advantage of our lowest rates for life.

The Questions You Need to Ask

What CMS (Content Management System) or eCommerce Engine do you intend to run my website or store on?

cms logosFor websites we work with a range of CMS’s including Drupal, Joomla and WordPress which are more difficult and complex to easier to use in that order. There was a time when Joomla and Drupal where considered more capable than WordPress and that’s why we used to build sites mainly on those platforms but things change. There is a reason why WordPress powers 63% of CMS systems and around 20% of all sites on the internet. It’s incredibly powerful, flexible and fantastic to work with and is now the much admired and appreciated leader in its class. You can do just about anything with WordPress. It’s no longer just for blogs.

Yes we can build sites with Dreamweaver but now avoid it as much as possible and if your Design Agency recommends it run for the hills. Dreamweaver disempowers you and financially shackles you to the vendor who will usually have to undertake every piece of content or media update on your site at considerable ongoing expense. A CMS on the other hand enables and allows you to upload images and content quickly and easily whenever you like. You can even roll it back if you make a mistake.

ecommerce logosHotDot Web Services works with the most important, powerful, extensible, supported CMS systems in the world that account for the top 86% of CMS websites. We include a comprehensive video training course in our customer portal for WordPress clients that like the idea of keeping costs down and updating site content themselves. Again with eCommerce systems you are best to select a well-known, well documented open source solution that can be customised and run on your own host.

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